5 New Crystal Trends of 2021 You Need To Know


Quarantine has put everyone’s life on hold and anxieties are peaking now more than ever. Being a crystal fanatic, gemstones have helped me focus on my inner light during this panicky time. Such a year we’ve had, right? 

I can go on rambling about things that are bad right now but I am sure you might also have a million bad things to say on this subject. 

Let’s keep that negativity aside and talk about healing crystals. Gemstones are magical gifts from Mother Earth that help us stay positive, strong, enlightened and aware of our physical and spiritual realities.

Read on to find out the top five trending uses of crystals in 2021 to see new ways of connecting with crystals. 


1. Using Crystals That Fit Within Your Profession 


Crystals are out in the open now. They are no longer hidden in the pocket or the bra. From teachers to lawyers and fashion designers, several professionals use it in 2021 already. And, there are many more ways to do so.

For example, the Architectural Digest recommends selenite on the desk for working men and women. It helps to clean the energy of people who come into close contact with you. 

But how does it work? The answer is resonant frequencies. While it sounds complex, this is a simple-to-understand principle. First off, crystals are built with the energy of the earth. So, when you place crystals around you, the same healing energies of Mother Gaia are transferred to you and your surroundings. 

Another brilliant idea is to place a rose quartz stone in your consulting room if you’re a therapist to help your patients open up with ease. Rose quartz is especially useful in day cares, kindergartens and paediatric hospitals, etcetera because it’s a stone of love and empathy. 

There are so many more ways to use the healing energies of crystals. If you’re a runner, use a bloodstone for endurance. If you're dealing with accounts and finances, keep a pyrite close. 

Makeup artist Val Garland of Vogue sets crystals like rose quartz, rhodochrosite and agate on the set before working on models. In her words, “It’s a really big ask. It can feel invasive and too intimate for a first meeting, so these stones help.” 

2. Earth Crystals For A Sense Of Nature 


With wildfires to tornados, earthquakes, and lavas besides the pandemic, the threat on our planet is becoming obvious with every passing day. Most of us already care a lot about nature. That’s why connecting more with the earth in general is growing in popularity. 

According to Damien Hirst, the British artist, “Turquoise is beautiful, and it just comes up out of the earth”. There’s an increasing number of crystal lovers using their gems to reconnect with Mother Gaia and feel a sense of deeper or higher presence this year. 

Here are some ways you can connect with nature using healing stones: 

  • Take an aventurine if you’re going fishing because you’ll come back with the best catch. 
  • If you’re trying to connect with coral reefs, take an Oceanic Jasper to keep it exciting. 
  • Carry a Sunstone on your vacation to make stress disappear.  
  • Those who often go on hikes must always take a bloodstone for preventing muscle cramps and injuries.
  • When you’re checking out new houses or apartments, keep a blue kyanite close to get a spiritual sense of the place.


3. For Holistic Practices Like Meditation


Yoga has been trending since the 21st century began.  So is meditation and other holistic practices like mindfulness, aromatherapy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and so on at present. 

While you can’t combine cycling with yoga, you can pair crystals with any activity you do. For example, circling the meditation space thrice with a clear quartz stone will ward off the negativity present. 

According to Yoga Basics, “Crystal quartz is particularly beneficial for deepening one’s state of meditation.” So, next time you’re trying to meditate, keep clear quartz with you. 

When you use a crystal such as rose quartz during a spa, every inch of your body relaxes. It’s even good for tapping into divination practices. For example, a throat chakra stone like blue sapphire improves your clairvoyance while amethyst is good for tapping into the spiritual realm during a tarot reading. 

You can even use it to help you enjoy hobbies like traveling, sewing, gardening and so much more with an enhanced vibe. 


4. Zodiac Stone Is An Evergreen Trend 


The next comes a trend that’s been going on since the Biblical times- Zodiac stones. This is a healing stone that you wear based on your birthday. 

Birthstones are trending in 2021 because a lot of people are trying to improve their energies based on the changing seasons, stars, and constellations in the sky. Penelope Cruz wears her birthstone blue sapphire, just like celebrities Halle Berry and Spencer Pratt too. 

Truth be told, most people are tapping into spirituality now more than ever based on astrology. This is an ancient practice that mixes art and science. Basically, an astrologer decodes your natal chart or birth chart to describe your personality and characteristics based on your exact time of birth. 

A birth chart can help an astrologer detect your weaknesses and strengths, which can help you find the perfect stone. With a good astrological consultation, you can even figure out the perfect crystal for different days of the week or for upcoming challenges in your life. 

According to history, zodiac stones were worn to welcome good fortune into your life. This year, most crystal users are trying to birthstones a part of their daily lives. 


5. Charging Everything With Crystal Energy 


You might’ve already read about wild varieties of cosmetic infusions such as Kaja’s Moon Crystal Sparkler or Amethyst Headache Roller from Aquarian Soul + Earth Oils. These are products energized with healing crystals to strengthen their innate powers. The best thing is specific crystals can cleanse, charge, protect, or enlighten you. 

While infused products were trending in 2018 or 2019, this is the year crystal users are making their own infusions. Infusing a glass of water with crystal energy is simple. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Take a glass of water and place a coaster on top of it. 
  2. Now, place your crystal of choice on top of the coaster resting atop the glass. 
  3. Let the arrangement stay for six to eight hours. 

Although you can directly immerse crystals in water, there are too many crystals that turn toxic when it comes into contact with water. Hence, it’s always wise to charge your healing rocks with the presence of the crystal than physical contact. 

Moreover, you can charge your house, car, or even clothes with crystal energies today. Put simply, carry the healing energy everywhere you go. 

Take a look at ways you can use crystal infusions.

  • If you’re hitting a party with your friends, charge your clothes with a green aventurine to have a lovely time. 
  • Dressing up for a date? Brighten up your aura by charging yourself with a rainbow moonstone. 
  • Infuse your hoodie or jacket with an amethyst to protect you from cold and negative vibrations. 
  • When you’re taking a long road trip, charge your car with a black tourmaline first. 
  • Feeling sleepy in the office? Circle your ruby over your head to kick sleep off and feel fresh at work. 


Too Long; Didn’t Read?

2020 is not like anything that’s happened in the last 100 years. Most people are bored, angry, frustrated, anxious, or stressed due to COVID-19. That’s actually why unique trends around healing rocks are coming up sporadically. 

Today we talked about infusing the energy of crystals into your profession. Whether you’re a hairstylist, a marketer, or a therapist, you can also use earth crystals to connect more with nature. 

Another rising trend that crystal lovers can adopt this year is adding crystals to their holistic practices or hobbies such as meditation, crocheting, gardening, and so on. 

If you haven’t got a birthstone, get started on it this year. Another booming new thing in the crystal world is the ‘art of charging things’ to cleanse, charge, protect, and a whole lotta more. 

Which is a trend that you’d like to pick up from the list above? Tell us about it in the comments below.  

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